1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

Pickathon Presents
Sat Mar 2 09:00 pm (Doors: 08:00 pm )
21 and up


Brady Tuazon

Brady is a singer songwriter based in Portland. For the better part of his music career, Brady has been indie rock staple in Los Angeles and  Northern California music scenes. Most notable playing with Resa in the early 2000’s until 2012. His music is reflective of his journey and is deeply inspired by a wide variety of artists including Paul McCartney, Jeff Tweedy, Bill Withers, Pink Floyd and more.`

Over the years Brady’s sound has evolved into an eclectic indie rock soundscape that feature cinematic string sections, horns, pedal steel and synthesizers. Combined with his affinity for alternate tunings, Brady’s music creates a sonic palette that is thoughtfully layered with memorable melodies that evoke the comforting familiar sounds of Laurel Canyon.
Brady is releasing two albums in 2024, "I Thought I Was Right" and "Tucson". Both albums feature a number of musicians from the Portland music scene: The Phasers, Roselit Bone, Sun Atoms, Hannah Glavor, The Portland Cello Project and Bandulus. Even Dave Depper from Death Cab for Cutie lent a hand. The album was recorded at Singing Sands and Cooper Mountain Sound. Engineered by Tobias  Berblinger (Roselit Bone, Kassi Valazza, The Black Doors) and Alex Chapman (The Phasers, Jeffrey Silverstein)