1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

Megan Diana with Elliott Ok
Thu May 23 09:00 pm (Doors: 08:00 pm )
21 and up


Megan Diana

Megan Diana is pioneering a new genre: DREAM COUNTRY DISCO. What does this mean? 

Take your favorite vintage keyboard — hello Wurlitzer, hello Fender Rhodes — put them through an echo/delay pedal, add lush, dreamy layers of French horn and vocals, anchor them with throwback drum grooves, and top it all off with space echoed pedal steel guitar (thank you Raymond Richards). After the release of her debut album Women in My Head, Megan has been hard at work touring the world and sharing her second album Cabin Fever, produced by Richards, and released in October 2023. 

Follow along @hellomegandiana and listen to Cabin Fever wherever you get your music.