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Wild Horses

Frontman and lead songwriter, Jed LaPlant comes from a family deeply tied into the Minnesota bluegrass community, where storytelling is central to a song. He draws on that background with lyrics that are personal and at times intimate. That intimacy translates to the audience in their live shows, balancing that deep connection with electrifying energy.  

Out with their debut album, Runaway, the band has toured the Midwest, the South, and out to the West, gaining a loyal following in nearly every place they’ve played. Their live show is a foot stompin’ and hands wavin’ kind of time with a collective feeling of comradery among those present. For those who have seen them perform, there is intense excitement about what is to come for the Wild Horses.  

In 2022, as they were fresh onto the scene of rural Minnesota, their first ticketed show sold out a 700-seat theater. Since then, they have shared the stage with bands like Wilco, Shovels & Rope, Langhorne Slim, Dead Man Winter (Dave Simonett), Charlie Parr, The Lowest Pair, Horseshoes and Handgrenades among many others.  

The rootsy Americana rock band delivers music that has meaning, depth and ties to the human connection. Featuring band members from very different musical backgrounds, they have landed on a sound that incorporates heartbreaking vocals, standout harmonies between Jed and Ariana, driving beats and epic jams. Wild Horses taps into their rural American roots with music that sends reverbs down your spine. 

At the core, Wild Horses are a band whose mission is to improve the human experience through a shared love of music. 

Wild Horses are

Jed LaPlant - vocals, guitar 

Ariana LaPlant - vocals, keys, fiddle 

McKeon Hugh Roberts - bass 

JJ Snell – drums 

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