1195 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202

The Mawlee Jones Band

They sure know how to ride! 

Reverberating raunchy tonk from the Pacific Northwest, The Mawlee Jones Band is rounding up delinquents with hootin’, tootin’, out-ball-country. This band of bizarre bandits have a twangy, swamp-witch sound that is punishably good— from belly-aching ballads to fruity cowboy rendezvous tales, they’re confessing the reality of backwoods queer love and eroticism. 

The Origins Story of Mawlee Jones… 

A gay adolescent is trapped in a conservative town called Bumfuck, Montana. Life as they know it is round-the-clock bigotry, fashion-crimes, and cow-tipping— The horror! They become tired of this mundanity, and long to not only take life by the balls, but slap them….maybe kiss them a little too? Mawlee Jones pulls themselves up by the hand-me-down bootstraps, and seizes the opportunity to find their tune. They journey through foreign land and vast country sky all by their lonesome, on the search for a new life. They face prejudice, heartbreak, and uncertainty; yet, they stop at nothing to reclaim their sovereignty…

Darn tootin’, Mawlee Jones is a concept— representing the trials and tribulations of the journey towards authenticity; they simultaneously navigate their fluid, complex internal landscape and the external trek, seeking the right environment to live and love freely. 

Written and performed by the queers, for the queers. 

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